Our staff is here to make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible. Our goal is to take the stress out of buying, selling or renting your home.

You need a company you can trust to handle your property management. We have the experience to do just that. At The Coffey Group we offer full service management of both residential and commercial properties. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you maximize your profits without sacrificing on service.

We work as a team to manage your property. It is our belief that each property owner will have their own individual needs and requests in the management of their property. We look forward to meeting your Property Management needs with our knowledgeable and accessible team.

Come talk to us and see how we can help you!

Meet The Team

Meet The Coffey Group Team Memembers

  • Photo of Sarah Coffey
    Sarah Coffey
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 215-4432
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Bio Coming Soon...

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  • Photo of Alex Dayyeh
    Alex Dayyeh
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 333-0876
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Buying or selling a home is a major event and Alex's expertise and track record help clients achieve their goals and have a positive outcome. Alex exemplifies integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.

      Ongoing communications and personal contact, market updates and staying on top of the sales process provides the best possible experience for buyers and sellers. Making sure that the process is smooth and seamless is the cornerstone of Alex’s success.

      Alex maintains long-term relationships with clients and helps them make wise financial decisions with their real estate purchases. His goal is to always to exceed expectations.
  • Photo of Debbie Gartenbush
    Debbie Gartenbush
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 651-0377
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • As a Property Manager, Debbie is personally involved in the daily operations of Residential Property Management at The Coffey Group.

      Debbie can offer you the best and most efficient service with individual care tailored to your needs and the needs of your rental home. Debbie supervises daily management activities such as monitoring the performance of vendors working in your home, budgeting operating expenses, customer relations, requests, and customer retention.

      Debbie has a keen eye for detail and personal needs, thus contributing to the client's bottom line. Debbie's excellent administrative skills and strong customer service ability make her a vital part of the The Coffey Group family.
  • Photo of Adriana Felix
    Adriana Felix
    Property Manager
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 553-1636
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Dedicated to giving clients “First Class” professional service and honest advice, enabling them to make sound financial decisions in the sale and purchase of real estate.
  • Photo of Latoya Williams
    Latoya Williams
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 215-4432
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Bio Coming Soon...
  • Photo of Russ Coffey
    Russ Coffey
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 589-7273
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Russ brings his experience as a seasoned Sales Manager in the auto industry to Weichert, Realtors – The Coffey Group. Working his way up through the auto industry, holding positions as Top Producing Sales Associate, Used Car Director and General Manager has prepared him for this exciting transition into real estate.

      Russ understands that buying a new home or selling your current home can be an exciting but stressful experience. As a full time Realtor, he will work hard to lower your stress level and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. He will accomplish this through constant communication, and by being accessible whenever you need him.

      In his free time, Russ enjoys fishing, watching football and spending time with his wife and two boys.
  • Photo of Adrianna Robinson
    Adrianna Robinson
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 215-4432
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Bio Coming Soon!
  • Photo of Yemi Adekunle
    Yemi Adekunle
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 583-4058
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Yemi Adekunle brings his knowledge as real estate investor and a business owner, to Weichert, Realtors- The Coffey Group. He is experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate.

      Yemi moved Northeast Florida over a dozen years ago from Maryland to continue his investment strategy and to make the Sunshine State his permanent residence. As a Realtor in Florida, his primary mission is to assist anyone in the real estate field. He works with seasoned investors to first time home buyers, or sellers who are interested in buying, leasing or selling their real estate.

      In today’s market, it is important to have a Realtor who understands. When considering buying, leasing or selling real estate. Let's discuss your real estate needs!
  • Photo of Nick Mugwe
    Nick Mugwe
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 312-2904
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Whether serving in the Armed Forces Overseas or serving distressed civilians as a National Guard serviceman, Nick takes pride in incorporating integrity, hard work, loyalty and honor in assisting home buyers navigate the often complex process of selecting and acquiring homes for his clients.

      Whether you are a first-time home buyer, seller or a seasoned home owner looking to down-size, relocate or acquire additional properties; Nick takes pride in making the process seamless by keenly understanding individual client needs, addressing every concern and working diligently to ensure satisfaction.

      Buying a home is a major life’s event and so is selling a home that over time has created innumerable memories, whether tangible or sentimental.

      Nick’s personal aim is to treat each transaction creatively, by building, not just a business relationship but a personal commitment to excellence, through constant communication, negotiations that benefit each client according to specific needs and abilities.

      By a pledge of dedication to making your home buying or home selling process smooth: and creating meaningful and mutually beneficial alliances, he believes that the best compliment a client can give is a genuine referral for service well rendered.

  • Photo of Lee Bassitt
    Lee Bassitt
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 343-8339
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Lee has had a personal interest and involvement in real estate for many years and brings his expertise and experience of 20 years in retail operations management and sales to be better utilized to help his clients achieve their real estate goals. He is dedicated to being there for you when you have questions, listening to what it is you really want and promises to work hard for you to make your real estate transaction smooth, transparent and in your best interest.

      A true Florida Native growing up in Bradenton, Florida, Lee made Jacksonville his home in 1997 moving here shortly after his active duty service in the Air Force. He served most his time overseas in Turkey, Somalia, Kenya and exploring Germany. He honors those experiences as the years that “gave him the skills that he has needed to readily adjust, adapt, and overcome the many challenges and changes in business” and life that has made him the great problem solver he is today. Lee pledges to provide straight forward, clear communication, integrity, and a relationship built on trust to all of his clients. He will help to solve the problems that stand in your way of achieving your goals at any stage of your real estate Journey. Lee believes the best way to ask you for referrals is to provide you with the quality of service that will naturally make you want him to help your friends and family too.

      When not Cheering on the Gators or Jags, or at a local ball park supporting one of his two daughters playing softball. Lee is an avid explorer of the city, new restaurants, and enjoys traveling with his family. His favorite days are the ones spent with his wife Michelle, his 2 daughters and his 2 goldendoodles playing in, or near the water.

  • Photo of J. Randolph Braddy (Randy)
    J. Randolph Braddy (Randy)
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (386) 916-1991
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Randy is originally from Macon, Georgia but has lived in Florida since 1983. Residing in Orange Park with his wife, Lynn, the two enjoy the unique offerings of a north Florida lifestyle. Thirty years of banking, real estate, and mortgage experience give Randy a truly unique ability to provide turn key real estate services to buyers, sellers, owners and tenants.

      Practicing the motto, “Service Makes The Difference “ in combination with a comprehensive skill set, Randy’s goal is to provide the highest quality of service to everyone he meets in the real estate community.

  • Photo of Bridget Holder
    Bridget Holder
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 215-4432
      F: (904) 215-4661
    • Bio Coming Soon!

  • Photo of Kevin Doherty
    Kevin Doherty
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 304-2283
    • Bio Coming Soon!

  • Photo of Lisa Porter
    Lisa Porter
    • 1855 Wells Road; Suite 8 Orange Park, FL 32073-2337
      P: (904) 318-9543
    • Bio Coming Soon!

  • Photo of Johanna Lugo
    Johanna Lugo
  • Photo of Chris Clark
    Chris Clark
    • I grew up working in my family’s regional electrical sales and service business where I learned the value of a hard day’s work. I also served in the US Navy after high school where I learned discipline and respect, and I carry all of those traits into my every endeavor.

      My background is in small business ownership and management where I was responsible for customer relationships for a 70 year old company. It is natural for me to be committed to the long term relationship that can only be developed through openness, honesty and trust.

      I have bought and sold many houses personally, including custom builds, and have been both thrilled and disappointed with some of those experiences. I have an extensive background in contract review and negotiation so I am very comfortable with the give and take process that gets both the seller and the buyer to a “win/win” position.

      I relocated to Jacksonville from Texas. I may not be from here, but in some ways I see that as an advantage because I see the area through fresh eyes. If you are relocating to the area I have been where you are, not knowing the multitude of communities in the area. I have made it my mission to get to know the Jacksonville area, as I have made it my new home, and I can help guide you through that process as well.

      I have two adult daughters living in different states, and I think about how I would want someone to look after my girls’ best interests. That is the same level of concern that I commit to you. I take this responsibility very seriously because I want you to be as happy years after your home purchase as you are on the day of closing.

      Whether you are looking for your first home, for a larger home to accommodate a growing family, or for a smaller home as you become an empty nester, I have been in your shoes and would love to help you find that perfect place for the next chapter of your life

  • Photo of Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson
    • I’ve been a Jacksonville resident for more than 25 years and now I am excited to be turning that community focus toward real estate.

      I am ready to help with your home buying and selling needs.  I carry the values of hard work, integrity and outstanding client service into everything I do.

      When I am not making home ownership dreams come true I enjoy spending time with my family, riding motor cycles, flying airplanes, eating out and spending time playing with my cat. 

  • Photo of Naomi Nieves
    Naomi Nieves
    • Bio Coming Soon