"Buying a house as we all know can be so stressing . We were in the market for our new home and The Coffey Group (Russell Coffey ) was nothing but amazing . I explained what we were looking for and he was on point. He listened and was able to find us the house in the area of our choice. Russ is very professional and personable. I would recommend him to anyone who is in the market for a Home to call their own."

David and Susan

"Dear Russ,As you know, we were flooded by Hurricane Irma. We needed to find a rental home until ours can be raised and repaired or demolished and build a new home. You have been fearless and relentless in searching rentals and showing us multiple possibilities. Thanks to all of your hard work, we found one today. Mike and I will recommend you to everyone that is looking to buy or rent! Thank you,"

The Temples

"We currently rent and our realtor Debbie is amazing. We had a very easy and smooth move in. If there is any issue or concern our realtor works fast to get the issue taken care of. The communication is great and there is always a fast response. This is a great company and appreciate their hard work. They are always very professional and caring. Our family is so thankful that we found this company to rent through as well as our relator Debbie. They truly are the best and I would highly recommend them for anyone!"


"Debbie Gartenbush is knowledgeable, responsive and diligent. We are in California, so it was critical that the property manager we hired for our properties (Duval County) could be trusted to do so without micromanagement from us. I researched over 15 firms including lengthy questionnaires (15+ pages) and phone interviews. Debbie was the quickest to respond throughout the process and was very down to earth (not like the other "car salesman" types we encountered). Her pricing is the best (by a significant amount) and she has gone beyond what I consider "base services" including picking up the keys from the Title companies for us, completing the final walk through before we closed escrow (we had issues with our realtor and needed her help) and managing a renovation of one of our homes before being paid any fees. Her market research of the rental prices for both homes garnered us greater rent than what any other firm promised. She was able to get qualified tenants placed in both properties very quickly. Utilizing her services has truly made them "passive income" investments. I cannot speak highly enough about her and the successful partnership we have."


"Dear Sarah,Congratulations for another successful year! Thank you for your continued support and service. It is reassuring to have a management company with your knowledge and experience. I attribute your team’s professionalism and dedication to our highly satisfied tenants, extremely low turnover, and successful property investment strategy. My occupancy has been outstanding. Your response to maintenance requests has been impeccable. Your clerical services relieve the administration burdens. And your sales team provides reliable advice when investment opportunity presents itself and quickly obtains excellent new tenants, to support those opportunities.

Thank you for helping us keep our investment ownership a positive experience. Best wishes to you and the staff for a safe and Happy New Year. Sincerely, "


"Zenith Realty goes above and beyond to meet our needs for a property manager. The staff are friendly, helpful and attentive. As a military family, we aren't stationed where we have access to the property and it's difficult not always knowing the condition of our home. When our house went up for rent and we made the decision to use Zenith, Debbie took more than 100 pictures for documentation and quickly listed our house. With previous property managers, it would sometimes take months to rent our home and we rarely received the asking rent. However, Debbie and the Zenith team had our home rented for the asking price in just a few days. We receive regular communication from Zenith and have been very impressed with the attention to details that they have demonstrated over the past two years. I would highly recommend their services!"

Heather J.

"Zenith Realty has been the property manager for my home in Orange Park for several years now - I have been very pleased with the service they have provided. I live out of state so I really rely upon a property manager to do what they were hired to do. Debbie Gartenbush was assigned to my property about 4 years ago and even though my service with Zenith had been a good one, I really lucked out even more when I got her.

The test of a property manager is only realized when things happen that need attention and I think my property has had quite a few instances to provide that test. I’ve had renters move out suddenly, a new roof, tub leakages, refrigerator problems, air condition issues, etc... Not only do you want things fixed, but you want someone reliable to take care of everything in a timely manner, keep costs down and someone that will take into consideration current and future renters.

Debbie has always stayed on top of every detail and whenever there have been issues that needed attention (whether it was unexpected or something that would eventually need to be taken care of) she has kept me informed, provided me with options, and taken care of the details. She has always been professional, polite, and well informed and has always kept in mind that I am the customer and that she is my representative.

Thank you Zenith and Debbie, here’s to many more happy productive years (I’m sipping my wine now), "