Should Landlords Purchase a Home Warranty for Jacksonville Rental Properties?

Today, we are discussing whether purchasing a home warranty for your rental property is right for you. Owning a property can be costly if you’re not prepared for unexpected expenses. Hidden maintenance and general maintenance on a regular basis can add up and be a headache for homeowners who are not prepared for those expenses. Home warranties are geared towards owners with a single family residence instead of investors because investors with a number of properties often have the cash reserves to cover those expenses.

Warranty Benefits

Warranties can stabilize your maintenance costs so you aren’t caught off guard with a large expense. For example, if your air conditioning goes out and needs to be repaired or replaced, the warranty will cover it. It will also cover a leaking roof or a major plumbing or electrical issue. Even small things such as garbage disposals and refrigerators are covered under most home warranties. They tend to be better for older homes because new homes often have new appliances that are still under manufacturer warranties. When homeowners don’t like to make decisions about repairing or replacing a broken item, warranties can take the guesswork out of these situations for property owners.


One thing you always want to check is exclusions. Not everything will be covered, and you need to know what is excluded. For example, most warranties will not cover repairs on a water softener that is leased.

Maintenance Staff

Some warranty companies use outside vendors and others use their own maintenance staff. They might have a department within the company and that be an advantage because it can help them prioritize the needs of customers and schedule accordingly.


Prices for home warranties can start from $350 and higher per year. The cost may change depending on the call fee you select, which ranges from $45 to $100 per trade call. You also may want to cover other items like pools, pool equipment and things that are not normally covered by your warranty. Additional coverage will cost extra.

Review all the terms and conditions before you purchase a home warranty, particularly the costs and exclusions. If you have any questions about which warranty to choose or you’d like additional help, please contact us at Zenith Realty.

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